Welcome to TMT System Developers Traders Guild

Welcome to TMT for  system developers and traders.

Glad to you have joined the Thinking Man’s Trader (TMT) team as a charter member. For security and easy access, we have set up four online facilities.

For delivery of plug in code for your TS9/MC, TMT has created a drop box folder for you. From it you can retrieve your monthly, bonus and / or fully developed trading systems.

This includes the ATP kit and documents. For this sites safety and your data integrity, we have moved files offsite to DropBox and Google Drive.

Secondly, a notification service established so you get email notices when files or reports are put into your Dropbox folder.

I suggest that you copy the files from the drop box to your hard drive. In this way, you will always have a back up of the files in dropbox, I will never delete them as long as you are a TMT.

Please follow the simple instructions that DropBox sends you to set up your free access to the folder.

I have set up an online private community to provide you with important benefits.

If you do not have a Google+ account, please set one up. It is free, easy to use and good for networking. Simply send me the email address used for your Google+ account so I can send you an invite into the TMT community.

TMT is a small and growing group (just breaking 45 active members and 75 members over all) and the plan is to keep it that way with a max of 150 traders. My goal is to make it a personal, supportive and cohesive group. TMT is an online place where traders can count on TMT colleagues and me for answers and support.

My TMT members come first, all they have to do is stay in touch with me, ask questions and pass on their concerns so TMT members and I can respond.  Please participate in the community by either asking for or by giving knowledge and information.

I am available for one on one conversation via Skype or G+ hangout on daily routine,  trading issues and system development topics.

Turnkey remote transfer and install of plug and trade code is available with support given to set up automation and / or platforms on remote dedicated servers.

I look forward to any questions and working with you in 2014 and beyond.

Thanks again,


Jack F. Cahn, CMT