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Thinking Man’s Trader…

A community dedicated to your goals.  Membership fees fund the following ongoing service for  its members

  • MarketMap 2016 (since 2010) market and trading vehicle  opportunity scenario planning.
  • MarketMap 2016 , intermediate to long term swing trading signals for major stock market indices
  • Trader for trader support, one on one and in the private community for members
  • Strategy of the month code (SOMC) plug-in software ,concept trading strategy code each month to educate, rules in text.
  • TMT newsletters, new paradigm models,  strategy code for developers and traders in text
  • Strategy combination performance reports
  • Regular reports with strategy regime change alerts, spread sheet signals the best, worse and average market context for all styles of trading /  investment strategies or methods.
  • Fully developed plug and trader strategies, investment grade at deep-deep discounts.
  • System owner’s, receive Strategy updates (new code, not new input values)
  • System owner’s, receive self rolling data contracts with alert notices to roll

There is no loophole in the service and upgrade agreement with you. If you leave and comeback after an extended period of absence and want the upgrades to systems, you will not be entitled to them because you did not help fund or contribute feedback on any of the work listed above.

Ready to trade open code is only available to TMT members, price list off products can be found here.

Only! $69.00 / month for a return to you many times over.


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