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beware-of-an-old-manThinking Mans Trader

is a diversified financial services provider. TMT caters to strategy code developers, strategy traders, individual traders and capital managers.

TMT provides in-depth knowledge of the markets with easy to understand, and unique tools.


TMT offers services that keep the direction bias of developers and traders in check by providing objective tools focused on market context opportunity and risk.

Introductory basis

TMT gives new sign ups welcome package including sample newsletters and strategy code and docs.

At the TradeStation TradingApp Store, TMT provides several free to use indicators, like %C.


On a fee basis

TMT delivers teaching, strategy and trader support services for any trading platform:

  • TMT MarketMap three issues annual forecast scenario with the change of trend dates (COT) dates $69.0 (before January 21).
  • Existing subscribers?of MarketMap 2017 TMT MarketMap Plus Technical Event Model (TEM) Signals $69.00/mo, saves $30.


After January 21, 2017

Stock index coverage signals $145.00/mo

Interest rates and currencies signals $145.00/mo

Energy and Metals signals $145.00/mo

All Liquid Market signals $197.00/mo


  • TMT Regular Membership $69.00 Collaborative group of hacks, developers, and traders, includes Strategy of the Month Club (SOMC)
  • Team Level One Membership {partnership package priced on request}
  • Plugin ready to Day and Swing trade strategies—both open, closed code are available! 50% discount and good forever upgrades and support for TMT members only.
  • Non-members encrypted code only with 30 days support.


Intermediate to advanced traders, set an appointment now for a tour of my trading platform


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I welcome direct contact; please use my contact traderassist on Skype or?Google Hangout at Marketmap2010@gmail.com.

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