System Developer’s Tao, the way

Thinking Mans Trader assist strategy developers by supply them with price based trading concepts in code, to shorten the developers learning curve. The TMT community contributes to making TMT a Master Mind of creativity!

Membership fees fund the following ongoing service for its members.

  1. Procedure that just cannot be put into a system TMT members community
  2. Trader 2 Trader support, one on one and via the invite only community
  3. Automated Calendar reminders to roll contracts, events, and regular procedural reminders.
  4. Key trading strategy code each month to educate and build rules includes workspaces
  5. System owners, receive Strategy Updates (new code, not new input values)
  6. TMT newsletters, new discoveries, and key concepts strategy code for developers
  7. Strategy combination analysis reports
  8. Custom portfolio studies based on client objectives
  9. MarketMap 2015 (since 2010) opportunity scenario planning
  10. Fast Ed scalping on/off filters via TMT G+ community
  11. Fully developed plug-in and ready to trade strategies, investment grade at deep discounts.

Purchase one year’s worth of code, get TMT’s Treasure chest of 13 market systems!

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