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The era of the cynical and selfish financial professional is going out the window.

After 5 plus years of bull market advance in the New York Times DealBook ” Gary D. Cohn, the president of Goldman Sachs, described the current market this was,  “difficult environment” for investment banks. He said that “what drives activity in our business is volatility.” If markets never move, he continued, “our clients really don’t need to transact.”

Traders will not work with institutions that only care about the transaction and not their client’ s success first!

The continued investigations and new compliance demands on the industry and their brokers is leveling the playing field for strategy developers and traders.



While the vast majority has recovered from the WFC, it  produced an extremely cynical environment; it is difficult to cut through all the noise in order to find a creditable trading service provider.

While I have earned the respect of my clients and peers since 1989 my word may not be enough for you. As a futures trader you may have tasted some success but you are still looking for more.

Let me show you right now how to find that little bit extra to improve your trading.  Here is a sign up
to a Tech Brief on the original turtle trading strategy, the entry code is spelled out in Eng­lish, the Easy Language file is open code and is pro­vided with anno­ta­tions plus a demo TradeStation workspace.

In the pro traders group I have formed we discuss and distribute this kind of information weekly.

Between my TMT members and me, we can build you real body a knowledge and improve your trading skills.

We do this by providing you with procedural information, the trading strategies and the support service that is based on a better and a non-biased way of improving your trading environment and results.  Not based on the number of transactions you can be pulled into each week or the number of contracts you can trade.

Do one better and keep your future’s trading business growing, join Thinking Man’s Trader.

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