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  • Jack F Cahn my word is my bond! 

    In 1987 I made my first fortune long deep in the money S&P 100 (OEX) puts in the crash in October. I made my second fortune in Nikkei Dow put warrants.

  • "When student is ready... 

    ...the Teacher will come." This Buddhist Proverb means the?Truth is always provided to those who are sincere in their willingness to leave behind what they…

  • 2017 MarketMap Strategy Planner 

    Secretus Planning! Have a look at the S&P chart for 2016. Compare it with the TMT MarketMap 2016 published February 1, 2016, and look at the table of change of…

  • A Godsend for Systematic Traders 

    Build your library of trading strate?gies. Each month receive a OPEN code trad?ing strat?egy, our trad?ing bul?letin, a trade plan to plug into your plat?form.

  • Advanced Trader's Package (ATP) 

    The power of trad?ing plat?forms today gives the trader an abil?ity to see what var?i?ous pre-conditions and mar?ket set ups have pro?duced in the past, what…

  • Better Ways to Trade and Develop Strategies 

    Join the TMT guild and learn to be a better trader wiht the assistance of our dedicated community

  • Big Dog trading strategy 

    Free for a sign up, get your free copy of strategy user documentation, see how strategy is traded and developed.

  • Capital Manager's Membership 

    Thinking Man's Trader provides in concise reports external tools for risk and opportunity management, to enable the private capital manager to implement his…

  • Christmas Membership Special 

    Christmas membership special running now! You Must Start today to leverage up your time Stop trying to do everything yourself Network with people Stop…

  • Complementary Trading Package 

    Would you ask a CPA, an attorney or a surgeon how to make a fast buck doing their job??   I get asked this all the time. These types of…

  • Confidence breeds profits, welcome to MarketMap 2017 

    You are a Thinking Man's Trader... Many thanks or seeing the advantages of the Thinking Mans Traders and its MarketMap Strategy Planner. We may be a bit…

  • Do I trade the break or do I fade the break? 

    Get a Free Taste of how a Thinking Man's Trader Operates   TMT's report teaches the use of a Technical Event Model teaching traders for both…

  • EasyLanguage Treasure Chest 

    Since 1989 Thinking Mans Trader has helped individuals learn to develop, understand and use rule-based trading with well thought out strategy concepts. TMTs…

  • Exclusive Online Strategy Signals 

    Trading is a three dimensional world and the Advanced Traders Package covers all three, including %C Market Dynamics set of filter indicators.

  • Futures Disclaimer 

    Commodity Futures Trading Commission Futures and Options trading has large potential rewards, but also large potential risk.

  • Many thanks for the support 

    The Technical Event Matrix is the New Paradigm in risk and opportunity management It is our sincere belief that it takes much more than a great man to do…

  • Market condition as trading set ups 

    To trade the break or fade the break, that is the question. The set up before entry is the key, the price trigger is secondary

  • MarketMap™ Matrix for Strategies 

    The only monthly publication for systematic traders   Exclusive  Technical Event Matrix (TEM), a forecast strategy bias model. a new paradigm to…

  • Multi-Strategy e-Russell Portfolio 

    There are a number of good reasons for trading a portfolio of strategies on a single market or a handpicked group of markets.

  • New Paradigm for Advanced Traders 

    The nucleus or central formula is a switching mechanism that dictates when to use and when not to use particular types of trading strategies for the duration…

  • Open Code Agreement 

    When you purchase any of our products the paragraph that follows is your agreement with TMT and its partners. It is simple and straight forward.

  • Privacy Policy 

    We are committed to ensuring your experience with our company is a positive one, as such we ensure all possible measures are implemented to keep your personal…

  • Product & Services Price List 

    Click to View PDF  

  • Ready for 2017 Aggressive Bear Strategy 

    Trade the market you've got, Not the market you want. TMT early adapters pulled in 38k from June 23 to January 4 -2015 in the mini S&P mid-Cap, scalp trading…

  • Recommended Professional Resources 

    If your going to do a job, do it right. Here is a list of some of the best intelligence for traders in the world

  • Returning TMT's Happy Your Back 

    Basic and regular trading ideas in the REMIX forum. My goal is to empower others to be the individual trader that aspire to be.

  • Sign up for "Better Ways" report  

    #mc_embed_signup{background:#fff; clear:left; font:14px Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif; } /* Add your own MailChimp form style overrides in your site…

  • Sitemap 

    Check out the Sitemap to quickly find content on this website.

  • Strategy Details Request 

    This order page is for both locked and unlocked code with a "good for ever" license of use

  • Strategy Traders 

    My word is my bond, Thinking Man's Trader, we do not promise more than we can deliver and always deliver more than we promise!. Since 1989 TMT provides…

  • Strategy trading platforms 

    Our strate­gies are avail­able on the major four retail trading platforms for auto­mated trad­ing: TS 9 ‚ Meta­trader 4+5, Nin­ja­Trader 7, Strat­egy…

    • MultiCharts platform 

      MultiCharts is a complete trading software platform for professionals. It offers considerable benefits to traders and provides significant advantages.

  • System Developer's Tao, the way 

    Innovative expert resource, compiling, integrating, remixing and key trading strategy knowledge and research for today's savvy traders and system developers

  • TAS Client Automatically TMT Member 

    Thinking Man's Trader... A community dedicated to traders. If you are renting any of TMT's indicators or strategies offered through the TradingApp Store,…

  • Technical Event Indicator Set 

    TMTs New Paradigm. The nucleus or central formula is a switching mechanism that dictates when to use and when not to use particular types of trading…

  • Thank You for the signing up 

    Many thanks for seeing the advantage of joining the Thinking Man’s Trader’s. You are now a general member with access to all our technical trading brief.

  • Thank You from Thinking Man's Trader 

    Through collaboration worldwide, there is transparency and integrity in our communication, we place assets in a common forum to REMIX something good.

  • Thanks You for the Confidence! 

    Great and Many Thanks for seeing the advantage of joining the Thinking Mans Traders to make use of some of the best trading systems in the industry and over…

  • Thinking Man's Trader Member's Benefits 

    Thinking Man's Trader is a community established to help like-minded strategy developers and traders by sharing indicators, strategies, methods, trading…

  • Thinking Man's Trader Report 

    No description found for this item.

  • Thinking Man’s Trader Subscription 

    Thinking Man's Trader... A community dedicated to your goals.  Membership fees fund the following ongoing service for  its members MarketMap 2016…

  • Thinking Mans Trader Memberships 

    Different membership types for individual traders

  • TMT Discount policy on turnkey systems 

    Trader Friendly Pur­chaser Agreement. TMT Members after they have been with us for six months will receive discounts depending on the amount of their…

  • TMT Members only, Trade Signals 

    TMT members have Exclusive access to day trade signals from Thinking Man’s Trader Dunn's Deal and Eclipsed Phase III mini Russell day…

  • TMT strategy classifications 

    One of the first things a trader needs to do is master the language of trading and that includes basic definitions.

    • %BB Dynamic Breakout & Reversal 

      %BB is a conservative day trader. The "BB" stands for Bollinger Bands. The strategy is based on this well-known price envelope converted into an oscillator.

    • Dunn’s Deal Day Trader 

      Dunn’s Deal Day Trader is a moderately active day trader. It gets its edge from pattern recognition, both "V" shaped bottoms and inverted “V” tops

    • Eclipsed Day Trader 

      Eclipsed is a conservative day trader. The strategy uses a range expansion method or volatility breakout based on adaptive breakout bands to capture an edge.

    • KeenerEdge Day Trader 

      This is the most robust day trader I have available for day traders. Robust in that it trades well on a wide array of different markets and trades more often…

    • Mini Russell Day Trade Combo 

      Gapster is a conservative day trader. Its style is to play or fade the gap, we want to trade it, with and only with certain preconditions.

    • Virtual Aberration-Asym 

      It is a short term trend following system with an average holding period of five days. The strategy has built in money management for scaling out of positions.

  • TMT Strategy performance 

    Here you will find performance summaries for some of our trading strategies

  • TMT Welcome Developers and Traders 

    Thanks again for joining our trading strategy developers and system's traders group. Glad you have joined the Thinking Man's Trader (TMT) team.

  • TMT's Early Adopter Program 

    Algorithmic Trading Strategies are what I develop and teach to others for Swing and Day trading application. Join our Thinking Man's Trader Community

  • Trader's find Stealth Strategies 

    My philosophy for developing all my trading systems is to isolate the rare price event that repeats often enough to keep my attention as a Thinking Man's…

  • Understanding volatility breakout system 

    The system trader is not concerned with forecast or analysis; they are only concerned with the immediate price action after a breakout, learn more here

  • Useful Links 

    Useful links for system traders

  • Vanguard Strategy for Capital Managers 

    "...expectations manifest themselves in the trends of price!" Vanguard Strategy is an intermediate to long-term trend follower.  It is suitable for capital…

  • We are a different breed 

    Educating developers to make a better system and traders to produce better profits. TMT concentrates on sharing, collaborating and developing trading strategies

  • Welcome to the System Developers Trading Guild 

    Glad to you have joined the Thinking Man's Trader (TMT) team. For security and easy access, we have set up four online facilities.

  • Welcome to TMT System Developers Traders Guild 

    Glad to you have joined the Thinking Man's Trader (TMT) team as a charter member. For security and easy access, we have set up four online facilities.

  • Who is Thinking Man's Trader 

    We con?cen?trate on shar?ing, col?lab?o?rat?ing and devel?op?ing trad?ing strate?gies, meth?ods and trading ability. Build your own library of unique systems.

  • Whoever told you TMT was good... 

    You're?right on the money!? .00 / month. SUBSCRIBE HERE See what?big name professionals say about Jack Cahn , the founder of…

  • Winners are Grinners 

    Today with computer capability, if you know what it takes to be good, you can be excellent at strategy development and system trading. All you need is the…

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