Ready for 2017 Aggressive Bear Strategy

wolf pack animal mottoFast Ed the Bear Market Strategy

The skills to be an excellent trader come from the prep, patience, and a little common sense.

Having the ability to wait for the best shot is far more important than a high IQ. In the real world, trading mastery comes through repeating the same winning behavior over and over again and each time adding contracts.

When was the last time you did not see the stock market experience at least a five to a ten percent decline in a calendar year? Have a look, they occur in most years over several weeks, generally months.

Here is another fact, money is made much faster on the bear side and the bearish condition is well suited for auto trading. Super traders, like Dick Diamond, taught me the patience to wait to only trade when the big move is about to happen.

That is what my Technical Event Model tells our traders and is in the code of Fast Ed Bear Trader.

Fast Ed also incorporates a leveraging technique to add one contract after each winning trade and cuts back to a base contract of one after a loser. Aggressive trading is controllable from the windows level with on/off and min/max and increment contracts settings.

This strategy is not optimized or back fitted: IT ONLY TRADES SHORT DURING BEAR MARKETS!


Fast Ed in 2016 priced at $2,495.00 open code for members only. TMTs 2016 year-end special has cut that price to $1,249.00 open code for TMT members, and $995.00 encrypted code to nonmembers. All owners of Fast-Ed receive TMTs MarketMap 2017 Annual forecast letters to let them know when to expect the big breaks in 2017. Lead time TEM signals are also provided as part of the service.
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