TMT Strategy performance

There is at least one quality that a trader must possess to win, and that is his definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what he wants, and the burning desire to possess it.

Here you will find performance summaries for some of our trading strategies.  Use the up arrow icon to open in a new widow for better control, to print or scroll through each. If you want a full report for this system, please sign up as a free member and go to the download page to select the report you want.

Jeff Parker
Jeff Parker Thinking Man's Trader, team player
Hey Jack,
My trading has never been better!  I stopped trading my old systems because BD & Eclipsed are so much better.  Plus I have the mental edge of trading systems I that fit my personality and I have confidence in.  All those years of hard work are finally paying off.
I did some testing on the indices.  Eclipsed III & IV work great on the TF and ES.  Equity curves have leveled off in 2012 same as they have in all my systems.  That’s the nature of the markets this year.  III&IV works like crazy on the DAX with stronger relative performance this year than the US indices.
Haven’t looked at Ten-ken but I’ll put it on my agenda for this weekend. The panic move system(s) sounds very interesting.
BTW your systems rock!  Your offer to buy them all for 18grand is a no brainer.  Its outside my budget for now but a certainty in the not so distant future.
Talk soon,


Ten Markets Traded by Big Dog.

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Stock Index Futures traded by Eclipsed IV.

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