Behav­ioural finance uses psy­chol­ogy, soci­ol­ogy, and other behav­ioural the­o­ries to explain and pre­dict finan­cial mar­kets

MarketMap 2017 Annual Forecast Planner with COT dates!

Look Into 2017 Markets, The Third Way The capital market system propagates the idea that you can’t predict the markets. They act as if a prediction was something relegated to the realm of witchcraft and wizardry, the reading of tea leaves or the castings of I Ching coins. Well, Thinking Mans Trader agrees with that to an extent. Most so-called forecasts are impossible, to begin with, as...

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Webinar “When the student is ready, the Teacher will come”

This Buddhist Proverb means the truth is always provided to those who are sincere in their willingness to leave behind what they think they know and open to receiving what exist beyond their present experience. Since 1989 our traders build their success on not accepting the propaganda, promotion of the industry. My group thinks outside the box to inform and educate traders and strategy...

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Terminology of Efficiency

Efficiency Description: Buy at the exact low and sell at the exact high is 100%.” Total Efficiency Description Total Efficiency is defined as a realized difference in prices from a trade expressed as a part of the total profit potential during that trade. It shows how well the total move of a trade has been used. The following formula is used to compute Total Efficiency for a trade.   Total...

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