MarketMap™ Matrix for Strategies

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for systematic traders


Exclusive  Technical Event Matrix (TEM), a forecast strategy bias model. a new paradigm to systematic trading

The TEM matrix is not a daily on/off signal. It is looking for technical events that will lead to a period  

where conditions is expected to cycle at their best, or their worst or just their normal  conditions until the next technical event.

You will not be able to find anything like it or any of its components in the public domain. 

  • Monthly Matrix for both day traders and swing traders
  • YouTube Videos demonstrating how to use the matrix
  • Access to private blog if the Matrix for any market changes between publications
  • Most popular markets covered, click to enlarge table
$69.00 a month, gain confidence on the timing of your next profit run and be tipped off  when to expect a DD! 

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