We are a different breed

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A Thinking Mans Trader is a different breed

A Thinking Mans Trader is a different breed

How you frame questions puts you in a box

Why does a monster stock market, which you think will run another 100 points based on fundamental valuations, suddenly fall 20%?

Why do markets that have blowout economic reports only to fall 5%?

What is going on?

What causes trends to go farther than anyone could have imagined?

Why are the markets so counter intuitive?

Why ask why! Break out of the old mindset, turn off the TV and become a Thinking Mans Trader (TMT). Ask questions that are answerable!

A Thinking Mans Trader is not a herd animal. He is a pack animal. The institutions that run the industry cannot train him. The financial media cannot brainwash him. TMT teaches you to be an independent thinker but not a cynic; and TMT provides you with?the unique set of tools and background on how to use them.


Invest $69.00 in your trading future, become a Thinking Man’s Trader today.

Here are the thoughts from a number of ?sustaining members. They include traders, capital managers, programmers, strategy developers and investors.

Michael Wilczynski
Michael Wilczynski Thinking Man's Trader, team player
I kicked off my career as a chartered accountant helping businesses with their compliance needs and learning about the inner workings of ERP systems. Along the way, I learned a few programming languages due to the different projects I worked on which lead me to explore how those skills could be transitioned into my trading. I’ve been trading for nearly 10 years and as long as I can remember I’ve always had an eye on financial markets. I even aspired to be a stockbroker when I was younger. With the advent of technology, I view that systems trading is the new edge that individuals traders need to explore to be able to succeed in current markets.

I tend to hit the ground running and pick up new software and systems quickly. With a hands-on approach, I’m not afraid of a challenge and systems development has plenty of them.

Jeff Parker
Jeff Parker Thinking Man's Trader, team player

I have been intrigued with the markets since I was first introduced to them in 1998. Years of self-directed study have honed me in on the style of trading that works for my personality. Beginning with the fundamental and technical analysis I eventually made my way to a programming platform where I could backtest ideas by quantifying market behaviour.

This tested analysis became the cornerstone of my trading. My background in project management and operations helps me to take a planned, disciplined approach to this business. Beginning with a technical observation on the charts, I then program and backtest to prove its efficacy. If it shows profitability, I will continue to test, test, test until I have proven to myself the pattern is tradable and robust.

I actively trade the futures markets using tested algorithmic strategies. I believe openly sharing thoughts and ideas with a like-minded community puts the little guy on the same playing field as the? Corporate insiders that hoard information.

BA, Economics 1992, Whittier, CA; MBA, 1994, La Verne, CA


Individual Futures Trader,Chino California.

Pavel Koneski
Pavel Koneski Thinking Man's Trader, team player

After many years of software engineering career in the areas ranging from semiconductors industry, through consumer electronics, to medical systems, today I focus my attention on financial markets. I have been developing automated trading platforms and software for trading strategies analysis since 2002. Here many aspects of software engineering from other domains come together: software reliability of distributed medical systems, real-time performance of embedded silicon systems, and user-friendliness and ease-of-use of consumer electronics. With the advent of the internet, cloud computing, online discount brokers, plus huge and cheap computing power, individual traders can finally stand on equal foot with big market players. It is my passion to be in this game and be winning, using creativity combined with advanced software technologies of today.

Paul Dowde
Paul Dowde Thinking Man's Trader, team player

I? trained in finance before working in the City of London in nontrading roles for several years. I have always had an interest in trading and am self-educated in that respect. I fairly quickly realised that trading evidence-based algorithmic systems greatly increased one’s confidence in future outcomes,?? Allowed the trader to carry out statistical analyses and are also psychologically much easier to trade than discretionary systems. So I? started off using? Classical LTTF systems and fairly quickly realised? that this would be a? slow way for people with limited funds? to ever earn a living from trading. Also because of the low trade frequency it could take years to prove whether methods I had developed did or did not carry over successfully into real time trading. I therefore made the move to primarily day trading the indexes where we can get feedback on system performance much faster and also compound up capital more rapidly.? I have had reasonable success with this and have been earning a living from this type of trading now? for several years. I have found that it is very difficult, and takes a real skill, to come up with a good original day trading system however it is relatively easier to take an existing system and improve, modify,? re-apply to other markets and timeframes etc and personalise it to ones own requirements. I have therefore taken to sourcing good open code systems and? doing exactly that which has so far worked quiet well. I am now trying to spend a greater proportion of my time at the portfolio and position sizing end of the trading equation? which is where I am sure the real improvements in performance can be found.

I have followed Jack for many years and always found that?his observations often came to pass in my own real life trading experiences and that his comments are much more pragmatic and practical than many others -? clearly based on his own real life trading experiences. Favourite trading quote: “A speculator who dies? rich died before his time”? Based London, England

Jian Gong
Jian Gong Thinking Man's Trader, team player

I am trying to find an ensemble model of trading strategies. The goal is to bring together small edges of a group of simpler trading strategies or indicators, and form a bigger, superior edge. Your strategies, fully-developed or not, will be equally useful when the ensemble model is ready. I am not there yet so that I will focus on building the model first.


Individual Futures Trader,Las Cruces, New Mexico Area, Investment Management

Alex Pressl
Alex Pressl Thinking Man's Trader, team player
I am Alex Pressl co developer of WolfPack. I am an automation enthusiast by heart. For over 20 years I am creating automation solutions mainly for the automotive manufacturers to allow them developing and optimize cleaner engines for a pure and healthy environment. Powerful software tools and platforms which I developed together with great teams over many years for the automotive manufacturers of all brands. By today these tools define the technological standard in that automotive automation niche, and if you own a car it is very likely that its emission results are developed using a software package based on my development. In 2007 I found the trading automation as a very interesting area, started to developed own trading systems and gained a great know how of the major trading platforms.

Peter McEvoy
Peter McEvoy Thinking Man's Trader, team player

Pete McEvoy is a good friend and contributor to our trading developer’s team. He has a long career on Wall Street with? over 18 years of experience in the technology field as a thought leader in architecture and delivering technology solutions to business problems.

He was a chief IT architects for one of the worlds largest Hedge Fund.

People that have worked with him say that: Pete is brilliant. He has an amazing mix of business, people, and technical skills. You’ll find it hard to find this breadth and depth anywhere. He’s a great addition to any team, and a solid leader.”

From CBI’s and Thinking Man’s Trader point of view, we enjoy collaborating with Peter and welcome his contributions of trading ideas and programing talent.