Boon for Systematic Traders


Think­ing Man’s Trader Leadership

Since 1989 pro­vid­ing “Mar­ket data and strat­egy con­fig­u­ra­tions unavail­able from any other source.”

You can break free of the old pro­pa­ganda “90% loser” basis that the indus­try tries to pigeon hole you into. TMT knows the trad­ing envi­ron­ment is lev­el­ing back in the trader’s favor by replac­ing sales­men with computers! 

Your odds of beat­ing the mar­ket is get­ting bet­ter through edu­ca­tion and infor­ma­tion to the traders, so they do not have to be saved from them­selves by pages of “risk disclaimers!”

Plus the author­i­ties are  bring­ing an end to the front run­ning done by the indus­try or killing you with slip­page veiled as mar­ket maker operations.

TMT knows you are more than a liq­uid­ity provider in the “after-market”  for IPOs and Com­mod­ity producers! 

Our founder and team do more than sup­ply open code sys­tems to plug in and trade into the two major plat­forms or com­pat­i­bles; and we never  walk away.

TMT pro­vides sup­port and edu­ca­tion based on an old fash­ion and sim­ple idea: we put the client first; and we know all the lit­tle things that traders needs includ­ing the rit­u­als and  daily, weekly and monthly pro­ce­dures to keep them on track.

TMT has three lev­els of trad­ing sys­tems 1. Build­ing blocks 2. Early Adopter Strate­gies and 3. Fully devel­oped ready to trade sys­tems (see a few of them in the charts below!)

No mat­ter if you are a trader/capital man­ager or a strat­egy devel­oper from any level or trader devel­op­ing his own set of strate­gies, by  join­ing out team has all the same benefits. 

What to expect with your subscription

  1. Monthly briefs that exam­ine tech­ni­cal / mar­ket based trad­ing strategies
  2. Expla­na­tion of why the strate­gies is expected to work. TMT leaves the back-testing and mar­ket selec­tion to you.
  3. Valu­able insights into the strengths and weak­nesses of the idea when applied
  4. Advanced strat­egy con­cepts, you will not find any place else. TMT does not teach optimization!
  5. Learn our unique approach to risk and money man­age­ment that no one else will share with you.
  6. Exclu­sive YouTube tuto­ri­als on set­ting up plat­forms for automa­tion, trad­ing meth­ods, sys­tem devel­op­ment and mar­ket strat­egy insights
  7. Pri­vate access to a pro­fes­sional library of eBooks, pro­fes­sional jour­nals and research briefs
  8. TMTs have pri­vate entry into our Com­mu­nity for exchange of ideas and support
  • HedgX Super Fund Insti­tu­tional Qual­ity for Indi­vid­ual Traders
  • Dunn’s Deal com­ple­ment to break­out day traders
  • Eclipsed Phase III fil­tered break­out day trader
  • Van­guard Big Swing Trader
  • FastEd Bear Mar­ket Scalper